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Why Tickets Please?

Tickets Please is here to make your life easier.  Whether you are organizing a show or a function, you can hand the worry of ticketing and collecting money over to us, and concentrate on putting on the best possible event.  If you are a patron of the arts you can order your tickets when and how you find it convenient, and know a seat will be waiting for you when you arrive.

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It is increasingly beyond the capability and affordability of individual groups to accommodate the realities of running a successful box office for the number of events they produce each year.  Tickets Please has invested in the common infrastructure (retail location, credit/debit/online payment, professional ticket printing, seat/venue management software etc) that is required to run a box office, and makes it available to our local producers at a cost much lower than the go-it-alone route.

Our experience with local theatrical organizations has led us to believe that most volunteers are there to create a show, not run a box office.  Professional services for your box office can help with continuity of services as volunteers shift positions.  Today’s retail reality is that people want to get tickets easily, and they prefer to pay using a variety of methods.   Some consumers like to use the convenience of internet purchasing, others prefer to see exactly what they are getting, and walk away with a ticket in hand.  People understand that charges may be necessary to purchase tickets, but they do not like to feel that they are excessive.

Our mandate is to provide a means to pool and share resources in order to provide affordable box office services to theatrical groups and their patrons.  With our centrally located box office and retail hours, and convenient web site, it is our hope that Tickets Please will serve these purposes for you and your patrons.

Our vision for the future is to create a “one-stop shop” box office in Perth, with potential for outlets in other communities.  We would like to make it easier for patrons of the arts to be aware of, and obtain tickets to events throughout Lanark County.  With shows from other communities available for sale in Perth, there is potential for each group to reach a wider audience, and for each patron to be exposed to a wider variety of productions.

Services to your Organization

Management of your box office

We can manage your will call or pick up window on event nights, as well as at the door sales, or provide you with the necessary tools to do so yourself.

Our software can handle regular subscriptions, flex pass or voucher pricing. This allows patrons to attend all or a certain number of shows in your series.

We can create assigned seating to match your venue, or any table configuration for an event that involves a meal.

Convenience for your patrons

Tickets are available for purchase online and in person or by phone.

Versatile and comprehensive customer data base with a range of search functions and mailing capabilities.

Many types of reports available to track sales and customers

There is potential for a monthly or seasonal newsletter to be sent to those patrons interested.  It could include patrons of other events, or in other communities.  This could be a great opportunity for marketing to interested parties and letting more people know about your series.

Tickets Please can set up sales anywhere there is an electrical outlet and cell phone reception. We are equipped to come to your location, or provide community outreach by selling at seniors’ residences or local gathering places like farmers’ markets.

Services to your Patrons

Patrons can buy tickets in person, by phone or online, whichever is most convenient for them.

Patrons can pay for tickets (including subscriptions) with any form of payment: debit, credit, cash, cheque.

With our mobile sales capability Tickets Please can bring tickets to your customers.  For their convenience, we can set up a sales station anywhere that they may congregate, including your front of house.

Eventually a one-stop shop for all local tickets.

Out of town customers will be able to get tickets conveniently online, and potentially in person in their own community too.

Levels of Service

Complete Box Office Management

We will print and distribute professional quality tickets for general admission or reserved seating in small or large venues.  We can accommodate single ticket sales, subscriptions and flex passes or vouchers.  Customer information can be collected and used for promotion, and communication.  Patrons can pay with any form of payment, in person, via e-mail, or over the phone, and if desired, directly on the internet as well. 

Co-ordination of theatre packages

If you’d like to offer meal or accommodation packages to your patrons, we can organize that for you.

Promotional Packages

We can look after local postering and other promotional listings for your event.

Offer your tickets for sale online

Make selected tickets available online to anyone with access. 

Print professional tickets 

General admission or reserved seating tickets can be printed in advance for your use.

A La Carte Services

Customers pay for these services through convenience fees, so there is no extra cost to the event producer.   This is a risk free way to diversify your ticket sales, and increase your outlets.

Act as your physical box office in Perth

Sell some or all of your tickets from our box office accepting payments in cash, cheque, debit and credit, in person or over the phone.  We are centrally located in Perth in Jo’s Clothes near the corner of Gore and Foster.  We keep full time retail hours.

Temporary ticket booking by phone and in person during your absence

Call forwarding could be arranged to handle your ticket order line for short or extended periods.

Become part of our roster

Provide a selection of your tickets for us to sell. 

Permit us to order tickets from you and accept payment on your behalf.  


We attempt, as much as possible, to link fees with ticket sales so that we share the risk and return with you. There will be two components to the pricing structure on a per ticket basis, the management fee paid by the producing group, and the convenience fee paid by the patron.  Each of these fees is about 10% of the ticket face value.

Management Fee

The management fee is charged for managing your box office.  We do this on a per ticket basis so that we share the risk and reward.  It is charged to you and it should be included in the ticket price.  For this fee we provide a retail location and a phone service.  We print and distribute all tickets, including those generated through online sales. Our service includes professional ticket printing, collection of patron information, production of sales reports, and responsibility for all ticket sales. We provide the necessary information and equipment to operate the front of house for each performance.  We collect the money from your patrons and forward it to you in a timely manner. 

The management fee is subject to HST. 

Service Fee

The second fee is the service fee charged to the patron.  The patron will be able to place an order in the way they deem most convenient: internet, phone or in person.  They will be able to pay for it in the way they find most convenient: cash, cheque, debit or credit.  This fee covers the use of credit and debit card charges, and the equipment necessary to provide that service. The service fee is rounded up to the nearest .50, since I prefer to have pricing that is easy to work with, and I also have to pay HST out of that amount.

Our policy is to offer the tickets for the same price online, or in person so that patrons can choose the purchasing method that they find most convenient without worrying about which is the cheapest.  If tickets are available through other outlets, these should be the same price too.  Having “at door” tickets at a higher price is encouraged, and Tickets Please will take only the same deductions as on the pre-sale price.

We look forward to discussing your particular needs, and quoting a price for them.